About Us

About LabNomads LLC

OUR JOURNEY – Welcome to LabNomads LLC, where the science of travel meets the art of adventure. Founded by Anthony and Chelsey, our mission is to meticulously craft every trip with the precision of a lab experiment, combining our love for exploration with our expertise in trip planning to help others discover the transformative power of travel.

OUR VISION – At LabNomads, travel is more than just moving from place to place; it’s an exploration that educates, inspires, and transforms. We are committed to creating experiences that are not only enjoyable but also enlightening, empowering you to delve deeper into the cultures and landscapes you visit.

Meet the Nomads

Anthony on a boat

Anthony - The Expedition Engineer

Anthony’s background in operations makes him a master of crafting travel experiences that offer a luxury feel without the luxury price tag. He specializes in designing trips that allow our clients to unwind and enjoy the finer things in travel—think five-star experiences at three-star prices. His perfect day might include a serene sunset view from a top-tier hotel balcony, enjoyed at a fraction of the expected cost.

Chelsey Scuba Diving

Chelsey - The Marine Pathfinder

As a marine biologist with a knack for itinerary artistry, Chelsey’s love for the ocean’s depths inspires her to dive deep into planning each client’s journey. She brings the same enthusiasm to crafting a beach getaway as she does to any adventure across the globe. Her plans are like ocean currents—thoughtfully flowing from one exciting discovery to another, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

Why choose us?

With LabNomads, you’re not just booking a trip; you’re embarking on a carefully curated adventure. We believe in the value of travel as a way to learn, grow, and connect. Our commitment to finding the best deals—even if they’re not with us—ensures that your travel is not just enjoyable but also enriching.

Embark on your adventure

Are you ready to explore the world with experts who care as passionately about your travel as you do? Contact LabNomads today, and let’s plan your next adventure, where every detail is managed with the precision of a lab experiment, and every destination is a discovery waiting to unfold.